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Foods to Eat & Avoid for White Teeth

If you are looking for a way to brighten your smile, you likely have some options right in your kitchen. Many foods can help whiten your teeth as well as improve your oral health, and some foods can do the opposite. Although munching on some carrots will not provide the same results as professional teeth […]

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions can seem incredibly intimidating and tend to create a lot of stress for patients because they are afraid that it will hurt or that something bad will happen. As modern technology evolves, dental procedures, like tooth extractions, become less of a burden meaning they are quicker, easier to perform and create less discomfort […]

What You Need to Know About TMJ

TMJ is one of the most common issues that millions of Americans live with. A multitude of people are living with TMJ that is undiagnosed and are just dealing with the pain coming from their jaw joints. The pain caused by TMJ can be slight, severe, short-lived or chronic which makes it difficult for both […]

Why do I have Bad Breath?

We have all experienced bad breath at one time or another because it is very normal. A huge struggle people have is not really being able to smell their own breath. This leads to some people being overly paranoid about bad breath when they don’t have to be and others not being conscious about it […]

Signs of a Cavity in Kids

Unfortunately, it is very normal for children to get cavities. This makes sense because children have bacteria in their mouths, tend to have diets that are higher in starches and sugars, produce less saliva than adults and aren’t as good at brushing. It may seem pointless to be concerned about your children getting cavities in […]

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