Dental Cleaning

We provide dental cleanings to remove any buildup and stains as well as help prevent future plaque accumulation.

Why | Dental Cleaning

Cleanings should be performed every six months to prevent excessive plaque and tartar buildup. Left untreated, this buildup can lead to unhealthy gums and tooth decay. During your routine cleaning, we will remove plaque and polish your teeth. We will also perform an oral examination during your teeth cleaning to further check your gums and bone health for any signs of potential dental problems.

Maintaining good oral hygiene at home is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth are important not just for a great smile, but they make it possible to eat and speak properly too. Good oral health is important to your overall well-being. Daily preventive care, including proper brushing and flossing, will help to prevent issues before they develop.

Prevention | Steps

The best way to deal with dental issues is to prevent them entirely. There are several things patients can do to help prevent issues from rising up.

  • Brush & Floss

    Brush thoroughly twice a day and floss daily.

  • Eat Healthy

    Eat a balanced diet and limit snacks between meals.

  • Regular Visits

    Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exams.

  • Use Fluoride Products

    Use dental products which contain fluoride, including toothpaste. Rinse with a fluoride mouth rinse if advised by your dentist. Make sure children under 12 drink fluoridated water or take a fluoride supplement if they live in a non-fluoridated area.

  • Swap Out Your Toothbrush

    Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

Good | Oral Hygiene

Your teeth are clean and free of debris, Gums are pink and do not hurt or bleed when you brush or floss, Bad breath is not a constant problem.

Gums are pink and do not hurt or bleed when you brush or floss.

Your teeth are clean and free of debris.

Bad breath is not a constant problem.

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